1. Copy of Valid Iqama of Father/Mother (whoever works in Saudi Arabia).
  2. CNIC copies of Father & Mother of Child.
  3. Passport copies of Father & Mother (Optional).
  4. Passport copy of child.
  5. Original B.Form / Birth Certificate (attested by MOFA).
  6. Absher Screenshort / Print out of Father (showing the validity of Iqama).

Note: If you are unable to get attest B.Form / Birth Certificate from MOFA, then we will provide this service to you in very nominal charges.

B.Form / Birth Certificate Attestation Charges: 8,000/-
MOFA Charges: 2,500/- (each document)
Time Required: 2 Working Days for Saudi Embassy.

IMPORTANT NOTE : The Marriage Certificate of Father & Mother of the child should be attested first in order to attest the B.Form / Birth Certificate of child.

Birth Certificate Attested from Saudi Embassy (Click to view front)

Attested Birth Certificate

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Al Fakhar Consultant also provide Marriage Certificate Attestation from Saudi Embassy